Kite & Windsurf Center

Kite school

Mazava Loha Resort is located in the center of the Emerald Sea, just across (a small 4/5 mins) edge of the fantastic and iconic spot known as ‘the pool’, fabulous flat and transparent lagoon, which delights practitioners of all levels.
You can also easily access the various spots of the Emerald Sea, incredible free-ride, waves (Nosy Toreky/ side on starboard, Suarez island / side shore starboard) or sail in front of our beach.

Kite school

Our instructor IKO and his two assistants, with 9 years of experience teaching kite surfing in Madagascar will help you in your initiation / progression safely on the fabulous spot of “the swimming pool”. All courses are individual and a jet ski is dedicated to coaching and student safety.


Formulas :

    • Discovery package 2 hours in private lessons: 85 €
    • 10 hours in private lesson 390 €
    • “progression” lessons: Jumps, transitions, takeoff only.
    • Group lessons Max 3 pers: 1h / 25 € / person

Wind Center

Whether you have your equipment or you are renting / training, the wind-center team of Mazava Loha will be happy to welcome you and offer you many services


Services :

  • Windsurf and kite-surf rental: Prices
  • Shuttle service boat on the different spots of the Emerald Sea
  • Jet ski safety (first intervention offered)
  • Takeoff / landing assistance. (free)
  • Material storage (free)
  • Shower, rinsing equipment
  • Bar
  • Wheather forcecast


The rental equipment is recent, renewed regularly. All the equipment of this season is 2018/2019.

Windsurfing boards have been selected at FANATIC, the sails at NAISH and DUOTONE. The kite equipment is 100% NAISH.


Windsurf borad FANATIC 2018/2019.
Waves/trifins :

  • Stubby 86 l

Free ride/wave. Single or tri fin :

  • Free wave 85 l
  • Free wave 86 l

Freeride :

  • Gecko 100 l
  • Gecko 110 l
  • Gecko 133 l

Slalom :

  • Falcon 138 l
Windsurf sails NAISH and DUOTONE 2018/2019.
Naish Force 4 and Force 5: 3.4m2 / 4.1m2 / 4.2m2 / 4.5m2 / 4.7m2 / 5.3m2 / 6.2m2
Duotone super Hero : 3.7m2 / 4m2 / 5m2
Duotone E type : 5.7m2 / 6.2m2 / 6.6m2
Naish Spreent : 6.4m2
Kite boards NAISH 2019.

Ride (School / initiation / development): 130/133/140/145

Stomp. Free-ride performance: 135

Motion: Free-ride performance: 134/138/142

Alana. the woman board.: 136

Surf Global : 5,2/5,8

Kite sails NAISH 2019/2020.
Ride (School / initiation / development): 4/5/6 m

Pivot (Free-ride, jump, wave): 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/14 m

Torch (Free style): 8/9/10 m

Slash (Waves): 5/6/7/9 m


Rental prices en euros/Hour1/2 day1 to 3 days4 to 7 days7 to 14 daysmore 14 days
Windsurf and harness rental35€50€75€/j60€/j50€/j45€/j
Kitesurf and harness rental35€50€75€/j60€/j50€/j45€/j
Directional kitesurf rental15€20€25€/j20€/j20€/j15€/j
Twin tip only10€20€20€/j15€/j15€/j10€/j
Kite sail rental alone20€35€50€/j45€/j40€/j35€/j
Impact-vest / helmet rental5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j
Harness rental5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j5€/j

Misc. :

  • Guarding, assistance takeoff / landing are free
  • The first jet assistance is offered, the following are invoiced 10 € / intervention

See you soon…